Game Carts

The game carts are made from one inch and one half-inch square steel tubing with welded and bent joints. Some of the tubing is double strength where needed. The dimensions of the bed are 79 inches long by 19.5 inches wide and stands about 36 inches high including the wheel assembly.The widest point on the wheel assembly is 22.5 inches This narrow gauge makes it easy to follow most trails and with the wheels mounted underneath the bed, they are out of the way.

The wheels are 20 inches and rated at 250 lbs each.  They are solid and flat free so flat tires are eliminated.  They have a 5/8 inch axle and are supported on both sides of the wheel, similar to a bicycle fork.  This set up allows maximum weight to be hauled without worry of bending an axle.  These wheels are then placed on an angle, similar to a wheel chair which adds to the stability of the cart.  The wheel assembly is then centrally located under the bed.  This helps keep the weight on the wheels instead of on your arms.

For EZ Loading

The wheel assembly hinges to the side and the bed lays flat on the ground as in Figure 1. After placing the animal on the bed, pick the light end up and the wheel assembly swings back into place as in Figure 2 and 3. The light end would usually be opposite the hindquarters of the animal. This is done easily with deer sized animals. Replace the lock pin and its ready to go. If the wing nut on the lock pin is tightened, it will prevent rattling between the bed and wheel assembly, especially when the cart is empty.

One or two people, one in the front and one in back can handle the cart. If the load is heavy, it will go easier with two people. When fences are encountered, it is best to unload and drag the animal under the fence and then reload. This only takes a few minutes.

One Wheel Use

This game cart can also be used with one wheel as in Figure 4. It can be changed by hinging the wheel assembly over and removing both wheels and the strength axle that is on the middle fork. Replace one of the wheels onto the middle fork and carry the other one on the cart. With one wheel, it is much more awkward to handle, but may be necessary in some situations.

Third Wheel Use

Another option is a third wheel, which could be used for extra heavy loads.  This wheel also would fit in the middle fork where the strength axle is located.  The third wheel is set slightly deeper than the two outside wheels so it will work together as in Figure 5.  This third wheel is sold separately.

Removable Wheel Assembly

The wheel assembly is also removable, which makes for easier storing or hauling.  This is done simply by removing two hinge pins, one lock pin and lifting the assembly off.  There is also a bed that is designed to break down into three pieces. This option is by special order only and is usually used for shipping.

Another option is a detachable tongue to allow the game cart to be pulled by an all terrain vehicle or a garden tractor as shown in Figure 6.

The game cart was originally designed for retrieving deer sized animals, but because of its rugged framework and solid construction, it has also been used for elk. Figure 7, shows an elk that was wheeled out in quarters.

Figure 8, shows a cow elk that was wheeled out whole. The brakes on this cart were installed by the owner. The carts do not come with brakes.

Figure 9 shows a nice Montana bow killed White Tail and Figure 10 is my granddaughter’s Mule deer buck.

Handicap Assembly

Another option on this game cart is it can be converted into a handicap cart with a few added accessories, such as a seat and a footrest as shown in Figure 11.  This game cart can be used to access a handicap person to areas that are off the beaten path.  All these accessories can be easily removed so the cart can be used as a game cart or a handicap cart.  The footrest can be adjusted to three different positions for comfort.  On the back of the cart, there is a support brace that swings down for a resting position when the cart is stopped and sitting by itself. 

There are two ways to load a person onto the game cart – by lifting over the top, or loading from the front since the front end can be removed with four bolts. When loading, someone should steady the cart in back.  There are no cushions for the seat and also no seat belt.  If these are needed, it would be up to the buyer to install them.

More Than Just Hauling Big Game

EZ-Load Game Carts also work well for hauling camping and hunting gear into an area where motorized vehicle access is not allowed. I use it for hauling my tree stands and ladder stands in and out of the woods. Over all, the game cart saves a lot of hard work by wheeling instead of dragging.

EZ-Load Game Carts Tips
If you are wheeling a deer out by yourself, it seems to go easier if you pull the game cart rather than push it. Try it both ways and see what works best for you. A game cart is only a tool to help retrieve an animal where it can be used. There are areas where the game cart will not work. You may have to drag the critter to an area where it can be retrieved with the game cart. Also, you may want to take a longer route if the going is easier.


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